• Reem Zahran

Joy in the form of a ten-and-a-half-year-old

Breast cancer, like all types of cancer, is something we can sympathize with but not empathize with. We will never truly understand even a fraction of the hardships of the battle with cancer, but what we can do is support and provide hope that this battle can be overcome.

Over the past few years, our school has been a source of hope for many of these warriors who may have felt that they couldn’t financially support cancer treatment. Every year, our seniors go around classes to raise awareness and collect donations from students who wish to contribute however much they can to to aid the cancer journey.

A heart-warming gesture was made this year by Joy Guirguis from 6B who followed our seniors’ footsteps by raising awareness at home about breast cancer. This ten-and-a-half-year-old (can’t forget that half) did not only stop there, she proposed that her family also donate towards the cause, to which they readily agreed. When we asked her earlier if there was something in particular that made her want to donate, she said, “It would be a very nice idea and people would be happy at the hospital.” Honestly speaking, if that isn’t one of the sweetest and most thoughtful things ever coming from this young student, I don’t know what is.

Our CES community should be proud, as I am sure it already is, of Joy who is just an example of the values that our families, culture and the school have worked tirelessly to embed in us from a young age. We’d like to thank not only Joy for her contribution but also her parents who have raised her into the beautiful person that she is today.

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